Cafe Galeria @ Green School

Opening in 2018,  Cafe Galeria (located at Green School Brazil) will be more than a place to enjoy a vegetarian meal and a coffee; it will be an exciting and stimulating gallery venue that will provide exposure for local artists from the Mantiqueira region.

Green’s ‘Cafe Galeria’ will house an art collection that includes renowned artists from Africa, Brazil as well as international artists.


Abrindo em 2018, o Greens – Cafe Galeria será mais do que um lugar para desfrutar de um café; Será um local de galeria excitante e estimulante que irá proporcionar exposição para os artistas locais da região Mantiqueira.

A Greens – Cafe Galeria abriga a coleção de arte que inclui artistas de renome da África, Brasil e artistas internacionais.


Salvador Dali – Spain

Adrienne Silva – South Africa

Itai Vangani – Zimbabwe

Jennifer van Niekerk – South Africa

Anna Solway – Poland

Godfrey Sipho Ndaba – South Africa

Romero Britto – Brazil

Paul Munro – South Africa

Michael Cheval – Russia

M Santos – Spain

Venus Gobrecht – South Africa

Maud Verster – South Africa

Verna du Toit – South Africa

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